My Pure Land by Sarmad Masud

Original published on the Edinburgh International Film Festival website “This is my land!” proclaims the young, gun-wielding Nazo (Suhaee Abro) as she protects her land from her uncle and his men in this thrilling and insightful film. Sarmad Masud’s directional debut, My Pure Land, tells the remarkable real-life story of a Pakistani mother and her... Continue Reading →


Edinburgh International Film Festival

I'm sitting third from the right in the middle row!   This year I was chosen to be a student critic for the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017. I joined 10 other students from across the UK and Poland (the country of focus for the festival) and we were given press & industry passes and... Continue Reading →

Joanna by Aneta Kopacz

Originally published on the Edinburgh International Film Festival website In just 40 minutes, Aneta Kopacz Oscar-nominated short documentary Joanna offers its audience an intimate insight into the family life of the terminally-ill Joanna Sałyga with beautiful but overwhelmingly emotional results. Joanna is devastated by her illness but she copes with it by spending as much... Continue Reading →

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